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Elena Beloff's  Hypnosis Show 2006
We've already broken several record the moment we made this video available. We
are the first people to produce a full feature female hypnosis stage show. Elena's show
is  also the longest female hypnosis show available on video. It is the fist ever hypnosis
show which exclusively have female hypnotist hypnotizing more than one subject. Elena
Beloff's interview is the longest and most extensive one to ever be on Television
(channel 9). She is also the first and only female hypnotist to do a covert induction on
air. Having settle down as the leader in the field, we only like to share our innovation
with everyone who enjoys the fascinating world of female stage hypnotists.

Fabulous Elena Beloff hypnotized 6 beautiful fashion model and aspiring TV
personalities. Her NLP and Ericksonian approach is utterly unique in the field of stage
hypnosis. Her skill personifies the feminine approach of a stage hypnotist; nurturing yet
commanding, tender yet firm. Unlike a stage hypnosis show, Elena managed to do
hypnotherapy at the end of the session, giving each participants what they seek in this
hypnosis feature.

We are honoring a "first publish" discount special which had been discontinued for
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Female Hypnotist Stage show
video - Staring Elena Beloff
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