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Hypnosis for Creativity Boost- with Natali Jones

Have you ever find yourself in a situation where you've discovered a great creative potential in
yourself? Do you ever want to find a way to unleash your creativity in ways you've never
imagine possible? Do you sometimes find yourself in need of creative solutions but a little
stuck in coming up with fresh ideas? Creativity is not reserved for just graphic designers or
poets. It is the life force behind innovations, business and science. To be able to think
creativity and act upon your instinct with confidence is the key to a competitive edge in every
aspect in life. Using the latest studies in creativity psychology and modeling after great creative
minds know to history, this over 45 minutes long video will help you achieve a whole new
level of success, then some more. The recording is specifically designed to help you keep
playing the file on a loop, without any introduction or waking talk. When listened frequently, it
will give you positive dreams of new creative ideas.

Video Hypnotherapy session, Hypnosis for Creative Boost (approx. 45 minutes)
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