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Hypnosis for Sleeping comfortably throughout the night

Do you have problem falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wish you can drift off to sleep
easily and comfortably? Do you wish to stay asleep for the entire night? Do you think your
productivity during the day will drastically improve if only sleep better at night? If you are
wondering if hypnosis can help you fall asleep, then this product is ideal for you!

Hypnotherapy session with the Progressive Relaxation induction (approx 30 mins)
Hypnotherapy session with the Fractual Recombinate induction  (approx 30 mins)

Bonus feature.
High resolution test shot footages with Kate. (Beth and Kate helped pioneered this point of
view hypnotherapy video technology. They were volunteers of Elena Beloff's hypnosis
show, they got interested in learning hypnosis afterwards.)
Instant Download.
Regular Price $29.99 USD
Time Limited offer $14.99 USD
Instant Download.
Regular Price $29.99 USD
Time Limited offer $14.99 USD
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