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Hypnosis for Revisiting Happy Memories
life lessons that was taught to you earlier in life? Ever want to remember a pasted love one in
vivid memories in your dreams?
This hypnosis program was originally requested by someone who lost his wife during the
Chinese civil war. Living in America during the late stages of his life, he requested our hypnosis
service to better remember his past love.
Since then, we've got many request for people who want to re-experience an episode of their
memory, so we came up with a professional hypnosis session that anyone can enjoy in the
privacy of their own home.
In this program, Beth will gentlely take you back to a happy episode in your life, and walk you
through all your sensations in your memory. It was designed with as much freedom as possible,
with no "leading" suggestions. The program also cleanses any negative emotions that tend to
clutter up the unconscious mind, leaving you more available access for the resources available in
that episode of your memory. Near the end, Beth will guide you through a spiritual session
where your unconscious mind will retain all the joys and lessons in those happier thoughts.
There will so be a suggestions for you to revisit those memories, or any other happy memories
in your dreams. This is a sleep induction type of hypnosis session, intended for use in bedtime,
thus there is no awakening suggestions. Users who wish to wake up after the session are advise
to set an alarm clock, with at least 50 minutes of deep trance time allotted to the session.
Note: this program is intended for personal self improvement purposes, it is not intended as
diagnosis or treatment for psychological/psychiatric/medical  conditions. Please consult a
licensed mental health practitioner for expert advise.

Video Hypnotherapy session, Hypnosis for revisiting happy memories (approx. 35 minutes)
Instant Download.
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