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Hypnosis to win the lottery  - with Beth Hammond
Do you sometimes have a hunch of the winning lottery number, but too hesitate to pick the
correct ones? Do you sometimes see the winning lottery afterward then say to yourself,
"those were the numbers I wanted to pick!". Some of our clients mentioned on more than
on occasion, they saw the winning lottery numbers in their dreams, and wish to experience
it again! The success of winning is a combination of unconscious attitude of confidence,
timing and a clarity of mind. Although, we do not guarantee that you will win the jackpot,
this recording clears your mind from psychic blockage, instill a healthy sense of
confidence, and help you envision the winning numbers in your dreams. It also have a few
suggestions to clear out any negativity emotions and energy when it comes to money. So
relax, smile, and let Beth lead you into a dream that will change your life! Just promise to
give us 10% if you win the jackpot. :)
Hypnotherapy session with the Progressive Relaxation induction (approx 30 mins)
Hypnotherapy session with the Eye fixation  induction  (approx 30 mins)
Time Limited offer $29.99 USD