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Hypnosis for confidence in writing (ending writer's block)
Do you find yourself having more than a fair share of writer's block? Do you feel you are
just looking at the blank page and not sure what to write? Do you sometimes feel that
creative rush but at this moment that energy is somehow blocked? Do you feel you have
great ideas but have a hard time expressing it writing?

Don't you wish you can be hypnotized to write? Feel that perfect sensation when your
fingers touches the keyboard, ideas, plots and arguments just flow freely from your mind to
the tip of your fingers to the white of the screen.

The fact is, that state of mind is what writer strife for, a state of mind where all is in
harmony, and the writer's craft is in perfect synchronization with all the elements in the
universe. Yet this energy is often blocked, from the time we get punished for making
mistakes in elementary school, to trying to make grades in high school, to frequent
rejections in professional setting. It all adds to the emotional baggage that adds up and
block a writer's energy

In this video, Denise will guide you through a mental detoxification process that was
designed specifically to cleanse the scars of rejections. She will help you undo the imprint of
negative emotions (such as being yelled at by a teacher in the past). The video will
strengthen your self worth as a writer, and give you a huge boost in your creativity. It is also
designed to help you unconsciously finding the right words, right phrases and right direction
as you write, and metaphysically connects you to all the mental resources of the universe.
You are an excellent writer to begin with, this file will unleash your full potential.

In simple words, you need this, click on the Paypal button and feel that confidence you
deserve as a great writer.

Video Hypnotherapy session, Hypnosis for Confidence in Writing (approx. 30 minutes)
Time Limited offer $18.29 USD